About Us



Our Motto:

We're not jus' about show trucks; we're about ol'trucks!


The  purpose of the Club is to :

  • Create a forum that bring people together that share in a common interest of classic trucks.
  • In general, keeping classic trucks on the road, and to promote the preservation of old classic trucks through restoration and customization of the trucks you admire.
  • Establish a resource for Club members by creating a parts location network, and pool of varied mechanical skills and talents to achieve the goals of items above.
  • Have Fun by including our families and significant others to Club functions, such as BBQ's, cruises, attending shows, and other Club outings


Generating Excitement

Members Rides

Club Projects

Club Functions: BBQ's, Tech Sessions, Cruises, Shows and other club outings.



Membership Details

Club dues are $30.00 per year for current members, this includes a members newsletter that will keep you up to date ate all future club meetings and 

events.  For a new membership to the Jus n' Ol Truck Club the first year is just $35.00, which includes the newsletter and a T-shirt.